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Campfire is an open-source, self-hosted CI/CD tool that lets developers automatically provision deploy previews with built-in commenting and recording features, so teams can get and share feedback faster and with less context-switching.

Other Projects


Rainbucket is a RequestBin-like tool for receiving and inspecting webhooks in real-time. Designed in Figma. Made with React, Express, MongoDB, & PostgreSQL. Used WebSockets & Nginx. Hosted on Digital Ocean.

Musical Boxes

An interactive musical experience that captures and replays your notes. Designed in Figma. Typed up in HTML and CSS Flexbox. Interactivity added with JS and jQuery. Tones are from Tone.js.

Ultimate Frisbee League Tracker

An application to track Ultimate Frisbee teams, players, and scores. Made with Ruby, Sinatra, & PostgreSQL.


Hi, I'm Tess. I'm a full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in the JavaScript ecosystem, and proficiency in Ruby, HTML/CSS, and Go.

I have a background in design and illustration, which means I love to solve problems, whether they be visual or code-based!


When I was studying illustration, my favorite kind of assignment was the editorial illustration. I loved the challenge of taking something complex and distilling it into a singular visual idea.

I'm currently based in Las Vegas, but I was born in Hong Kong, and grew up in the Philippines.

I love to get outside. You might catch me climbing, biking, hiking, or (if you're lucky) playing Ultimate Frisbee rather poorly.


I'm looking for my next opportunity. If you think we'd be a great fit (or if you've found the secret doodle feature and want to send me a doodle 👀) feel free to contact me at